Arts Datathon: Democratize

Arts Datathon: Democratize

April 3, 2019
Arts Datathon: Democratize will take place on Wednesday, April 3, 2019. This year, we will focus on democratizing arts data, with four different tracks to choose from: Data Science for Arts Education Public Art on WikiData...
Project Tracks
There are four tracks to choose from at Arts Datathon: Democratize on Wednesday, April 3, 2019: DATA SCIENCE FOR ARTS EDUCATION: Data scientists, arts administrators and educators will explore research questions and potential methods to...
“ Read our report on the 2017 Arts Access Datathon: The report tells what we did and how we did it.The toolkit offers informative tips for any organization or group that is interested in hosting its own datathon. Visit...

Wed, April 3, 2019 | Downtown LA Public Library

Arts Datathon: Democratize will bring together arts administrators, artists, educators, students community advocates, researchers, hackers and civic professionals to explore how data can improve access to the arts.

It’s an opportunity for you to spend a day using data to explore questions of equity in arts education in public schools, build out the data behind Wikipedia entries related to public art, discover new perspectives on the California/Mexico border through a qualitative data art project, and visualize geographic data through craft.


Explore the data that already exist on arts and culture.
Engage a wide range of people in thinking deeply about how to improve access to the arts.
Inspire new projects, proposals and policies that would utilize data to improve access to the arts.
Identify ways to improve arts data collection, organization and coordination.
Spark community curiosity and conversations about arts access and equity.