The Arts Datathon is jointly led by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

LA County Arts Commission
City of Los Angeles
Department of Cultural Affairs
Bronwyn Mauldin
Director of Research and Evaluation
Wendy Hsu
Senior Project Coordinator / Digital Strategist
Yvonne Lee
Nicole Rademacher
Digital Communications Manager
Steering Committee

Carla Corona TahDah Foundation

Mark Greenfield Artist/Curator

Jared Hardy DataRoads Foundation

Sofia Klatzker Arts for LA

Alan Nakagawa Artist

Manny Prieto Los Angeles Music and Art School

Andrew Schrock Chapman University

Advisory Committee

Lilian Coral Chief Data Officer, City of Los Angeles

Nick Crosson DataArts

Morgan Currie UCLA

Mark Greninger Chief Data Officer, LA County

Jeanne Holm Deputy CIO, Senior Technology Advisor to the Mayor, City of Los Angeles

David Kipen Libros Schmibros

Mike Manalo LADOT/Art Center

Jill Moniz Artist and curator

Ruth Wallach USC

Jillian Wallis USC