8:00am Check-in & Breakfast
9:00am Welcome Jonathan T. D. Neil
Sotheby’s Institute of Art – Los Angeles, Claremont Graduate University
Danielle Brazell
City of LA Department of Cultural Affairs
Laura Zucker
LA County Arts Commission
9:15am Meet your working group Bronwyn Mauldin
LA County Arts Commission
9:30am Keynote address Sunil Iyengar
Director, Office of Research & Analysis, National Endowment for the Arts
9:45am Get to know your working group Artist: Luke Kanter
10:00am Get to know the datasets Michelle Higgins (Arts nonprofits data)
Matt Agustin (Arts education data)
Yvonne Lee (Public art data)
Zannie Voss (NCAR dashboard)
Wendy Hsu (Social media as arts data)
11:00am Get to know some data tools Susannah Laramee Kidd presenting Data visualization in Excel
Mike Manalo presenting Socrata
Katja Krivoruchko presenting Esri
11:45am Break  Pick up lunch and rejoin your group
Noon Project development  Working groups develop their proposals and plan their presentations
2:45pm Break
3:00pm Project presentations Emcee: Val Zavala
Judges: Sophie Fanelli, Nina Kin, Mike Manalo, Jill Moniz, Zannie Voss
4:30pm Awards
5:00pm Closing Artist: Inouk Demers