The Arts Datathon will take place on Friday, April 27, 2018. This year we will focus on collections data, offering participants several different tracks to work on projects related to civic art, street art, veterans memorabilia, music, and much more. More details and registration coming soon.

The Arts Datathon brings together local arts agencies with artists, arts administrators, educators, students, community advocates, researchers, and professionals in culture, museums and urban planning to address the question of improving access to the arts. Together we explore the data that are available to find out what we know. At the end of the each event, we have a greater understanding of the present and future of arts and culture programming, infrastructure, and policy across the Los Angeles region. We also learn much about how we can put the data to work.

The arts are good for people and for communities. Research has shown how participation in the arts improves individual health and benefits children socially and emotionally. The arts bring people together across many lines: demographic, economic and social. They’re also an effective tool for community empowerment. People express themselves, their communities and their cultures in arts and cultural spaces. What’s more, in the greater Los Angeles area, the arts are a major part of the local economy, offering substantial career and business opportunities.

In recent years a wealth of data has been collected about arts and culture, the organizations that provide it, arts programming and participation, arts education, and creativity. How can we use these data to help ensure that everyone in the greater Los Angeles area has real and meaningful access to the arts, no matter who they are or where they live? This is the question we will explore in our Arts Access Datathon.

If you believe the arts can make our communities better

whether you’re a data expert or not…

If you believe data can help improve our region

whether or not you know a lot about the arts…

If you believe everyone should have meaningful access to the arts…

…then this event is for you.

Come be a part of the Arts Access Datathon, and help make a difference in your community.

Register today