April 22, 2017 | Downtown Los Angeles

The Arts Datathon brought together local arts agencies with artists, arts administrators, educators, students, community advocates, researchers, and professionals in culture, museums and urban planning to address the question of improving access to the arts. Together we explored the data that are available to find out what we know and explore what we could know. At the end of the day we had a greater understanding of the present and future of arts and culture programming, infrastructure, and policy across the Los Angeles region. We also learned a whole lot more about how we can put the data to work.

Join Us

If you believe the arts can make our communities better

whether you’re a data expert or not…

If you believe data can help improve our region

whether or not you know a lot about the arts…

If you believe everyone should have meaningful access to the arts…

…then this event is for you.

Come be a part of the Arts Datathon, and help make a difference in your community.


Explore the data that already exist on arts and culture.
Engage a wide range of people in thinking deeply about how to improve access to the arts.
Inspire new projects, proposals and policies that would utilize data to improve access to the arts.
Identify ways to improve arts data collection, organization and coordination.
Spark community curiosity and conversations about arts access and equity.